Karate training camp

Two hundred persons comprising 100 school students and 100 seniors are participating in the two-day 31st All India Karate Training Camp organised by Japan Shito Ryu Karate School-India, which was inaugurated at the Nathan Palace Marriage Hall here on Thursday.

Three Japanese karate masters, ‘Kyoshi' Toshihiro Inagaki, Karate Grand Master, his daughter ‘Sensei' Aika, Karate Master, and her husband ‘Sensei' Kimikazu, Karate Master, were here to fine-tune the karate skills of the students and teach them the advanced techniques.

Fifty-four-year-old Mr. Inagaki, president of the Japan Shito Ryu Karate School, who has been practising karate from the age of 16, said that he had trained several persons to become masters and taught the martial arts in 33 countries on behalf of his school. So far, he has trained about 200 karate masters in his country.

Thirty-four-year-old Ms. Aika said that she herself has been learning karate from the age of two. She got her junior black belt at the age of 12 and the senior black belt at 16. She has been teaching karate for the last about 10 years. ‘Sensei' A. Ramesh, Chief Instructor-India of the Japan Shito Ryu Karate School-India, said that Japan Shito Ryu Karate School-India had 76 branches in India. The instructors trained by him take karate classes in the various branches. About 25,000 students are learning karate in the above branches. He said that he conducts training camps in different parts of the country every year.

While the basic skills are taught at the branch level, he brings the Japanese karate masters every year for the training camps in order to correct the mistakes of the trainees and perfect their skills, and to teach the advanced karate techniques, ‘kattas' (a karate move which is done with the help of sticks) and the latest karate rules. The rules keep changing every year, and therefore, the karate masters have to update their knowledge of the rules, he said.

Paranjothi, karate instructor of Chittoor, who was trained by Mr. Ramesh, said that he takes classes for 120 students in their schools and 200 persons in the open classes in Chittoor. R.K. Moorthy, another former student of the Japan Shito Ryu Karate School-India takes classes for 150 students in Puducherry.

Koteeswaran, a former student of the karate school, takes classes for about 500 students in Tirupattur. P. Gopalakrishnan, who learnt the art from Mr. Ramesh takes classes for 1200 students of the Kongu National Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Nanjanapuram near Erode.

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