Jewellery workers seek minimum wages

Staff Reporter

Increase pension for members of welfare board

Housing facility for workers sought

COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore Jewellery Workers' Union (CITU) has sought minimum wages for workers employed in gold smithies.

This was one of the resolutions passed at a meeting of the union held here recently. The minimum wages should be implemented for the workers and the wages should be fixed on quality and production.

The Union Government should introduce uniform minimum wages for workers in the gold smithies across the country.

The union demanded that pension for members of the welfare board should be increased to Rs. 1,500 a month.

The pension should be given to all those who were above 60. Currently, only those who were members of the board for at least five years were eligible for pension. The medical insurance scheme for the workers should cover all diseases.

The government should provide housing facility for workers. A large number of workers were from other States and were staying at the factories or jewellery workshops. These workers should be given social benefits and made members of the welfare board, the union said.