India’s labour history “is not all that great”

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: Many Indians may not like what Krishnan Arunachalam has to say about Indian labourers in his new book “Indian: an Ideal Labour or Slave.”

However, those who have already read the book said his ideas are based on “painstaking research,” and he identifies a practice that is in dire need of reform.

At the book’s release ceremony here on Wednesday, the author said that history has shown that India’s labour history “is not all that great.”

After noticing several advertisements by European companies seeking Indian employees over the years, Mr. Arunachalam was inspired to research the management models that place the West in superior positions and Indians in submissive, serving positions.

His book utilises a historical, geographic, social, and political approach to examine the Indian workforce through “out-of-the-box thinking,” said former bureaucrat B. S. Raghavan told the meeting organised at the Rajaji Centre for Public Affairs.

He said this new perspective to India’s labour history is necessary for Indians to re-brand themselves and rise above what they have always been.

According to chartered accountant M. R. Venkatesh, who has reviewed several books including this one, Mr.Arunachalam’s book presents a comprehensive account of Indians as labourers since the medieval period.

Former Director General of Police V.R. Lakshminarayanan received the first copy of the book.

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