Indian brains at NASA want to move to ISRO

REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN: Mylswamy Annadurai. —   | Photo Credit: Photo: R. Ashok

Staff Reporter

TIRUCHI: Scientists of Indian origin at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have evinced interest in moving to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) after the Chandrayaan – 1 success, Mylswamy Annadurai, Project Director, Chandrayaan 1 & 2, said here.

“Scientists have begun to approach the ISRO. Their requests will be considered on a case to case basis in keeping with our requirements.”

It will be done without disturbing the equilibrium of motivation among the ISRO scientists, Mr. Annadurai said.

He was hopeful of accomplishing the Rs. 425-crore Chandrayaan – 2 project by 2012. The satellite with a payload of 2,700 kg to be launched using Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle will be engineered to send two rovers on moon surface for a duration between six months to one year for carrying out chemical analysis of samples through laser induced heating.

As of now, 150 scientists and engineers, including Russians, are working on the project. A parallel process is on for accomplishing manned mission to Moon by 2015, Mr. Annadurai said.

On its part, the ISRO was contributing to avoid possibilities for space debris by cataloguing the locations of the existing satellites prior to making launches, propelling geostationary satellites above the orbit before the end of its utility period, and increasing the lifespan of the satellites, he said, responding to another question.