In search of the key to success

He calls himself a personality transformation mentor. His clientele consists of corporates spread all over the globe. Director and Principal Consultant of Management Learning Systems based at Dubai, Shrikumar Menon helps corporates build an inspired workforce. Packed with action and peppered with humour, his personality classes could make you feel that you have just found the key to success.

At the Dr. GRD College of Arts and Science, to talk to students on 'The Blueprint of Success' recently, Shrikumar Menon spoke to Anasuya Menon on success, the importance of value education and the concept of emotional competency training.

'ACHIEVING SUCCESS is possible only through sheer perseverance, motivation, and initiative. Ask any successful person and you will have to hear stories of hard work and enterprise,' he says. In short, success is something that has to be pursued doggedly, he adds. 'Success is the ability to go on without being bogged down by failure.' Belief in oneself is most important. Hundred per cent of the successful people in this world are those who believe in themselves, Mr. Menon asserts.

'Corporates these days are looking at human resources as an investment, no longer as an expense. The trend has already begun in several countries in Europe and America. But, the concept is only evolving in India,' he says.

Emotional competency training programmes attempt at bringing about an attitudinal change in people. 'The programme has taken off well among the employees of most the companies abroad,' he says. In this information age, there is very little interpersonal interaction taking place even at the workplace. The management has little time or does not believe in appreciating the workforce, which leads to dissatisfaction in jobs and leads to stress. 'The rate of attrition is also very high because of this,' Mr. Menon points out. But, in India the concept of training in personality transformation has only crept into the corporate sensibilities, he observes.

The idea has to start from the school level, Mr. Menon remarks. Our educational system is not value driven. It only focuses on students' cognitive understanding. Some schools in North America stress on 'unconscience competence training,' which instils values in the minds of children, he points out. 'Then they become committed citizens. Nation building should start with schools.'

Mr. Menon plans to open office at Coimbatore soon. 'There is a lot of manufacturing happening in this city and the response from the companies here has been great. The people here are also very hospitable, and there is a willingness to learn and grow. They are also showing an effort to bring about an attitudinal transformation,' he says. He has authored a book, 'Live with Passion,' which will be available at all the major book counters.