Ignorance causes stress, so learn well, students told

S. Aishwarya

At Newspaper In Education session on ‘Behavioural Skills’

TIRUCHI: Imagine you are caught in a time warp and in the medieval period.

A man sees off his wife, children and close relatives travelling in a ship to a nearby island. Though the pangs of separation are high, the man is happy to see his family safely out of the place.

Even as he watches the ship sailing at a certain distance, it begins to fade away from sight . Looking at the ship sinking in front of his eyes, he lets out a wretched cry and starts lamenting.

The situation is presented before the students for the Newspaper In Education session on ‘Stress management’ in ‘Behavioural Skills.’

Resource persons analyse the reason for the man’s stress.

The sinking of the ship was an optical illusion caused by the spherical shape of the earth. But the man belonged to a period when the earth was believed to be flat.

The story drives home the point that ignorance is the main cause for stress.

The module deals with ways to cope up with stress. One is to have an open mind. Students must be thorough with the things they learn. Stress due to ignorance affects decision making, critical thinking and problem solving as well as creative assessment and communication ability.

The module speaks on the need to go into the reasons for stress in order to confront it.

“A very similar module has been packed in the theme on facing exams. This is to tell students that ignorance is the culprit and encourage them to learn more to avoid stress,” said NIE coordinator Radhika Vijay.

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