Hospital accreditation Board recognised by ISQua

Ramya Kannan

“Any hospital that is accredited will be assured of the same patient safety and procedures of any hospital in developed world”

CHENNAI: The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) has been recognised by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua). This places accredited Indian hospitals on a par with similar institutions across the world.

The NABH has been recognised as an institutional member of ISQua, which grants approval to accreditation bodies as a mark of equivalence of service provided. The approval came two weeks ago, Giridhar J. Gyani, secretary-general, Quality Council of India (QCI), told The Hindu on Tuesday. The QCI is an autonomous body set up by the Centre, along with the Indian industry, to establish and operate the National Accreditation Structure, and one of its components is NABH. The standards of NABH, based on which accreditation is granted to Indian hospitals, will now be upgraded to international norms , Prof. Gyani said.

“We are the 12th in the world to be accredited by ISQua. Any hospital in India that is accredited will, henceforth, be assured of the same patient safety, processes and procedures of any hospital in the developed world, say, Australia,” he said. The aim was to achieve harmonisation of clinical practices and outcomes and benchmark them against the best in the world, Prof. Gyani added. Certain parameters were considered for accreditation. “For instance, if a hospital says it has achieved infection control, it is insufficient. There are now global benchmarks to compare it with.” It will add much value to the Indian healthcare industry, especially in an age when India has emerged a health tourism hub.

The framework would be common, Prof. Gyani said. “Each hospital that applies for accreditation has to have in place the broad framework. Over and above, they are free to innovate.” The institutions that apply will have to comply with the new and more stringent standards. As for hospitals that have already received NABH accreditation (numbering 20 all over the country), any shortcomings will be identified, and the hospitals asked to upgrade within a specific period.