High Court Bench dismisses case

Mohamed Imranullah S.

Against reciting Moulud, Ratheef in mosque

“Single judge direction was right”

Practice in vogue for many centuries

MADURAI: The Madras High Court Bench here on Monday dismissed a writ appeal filed against an order passed by the Chief Executive Officer of Tamil Nadu Wakf Board to continue recital of Moulud and Ratheef invoking the names of late religious leaders at the Virudhunagar Big Mosque.

A Division Bench of Justice V. Ramasubramanian and Justice D. Hariparanthaman held that a single judge was right in directing the mosque management to maintain status quo until the dispute over the recital of the two prayers was decided by the Wakf Board.

The Judges said that the practice was in vogue for several centuries.

According to the Joint Secretary of the mosque, many Jamath members represented to the executive committee that the practice followed by a few other members of invoking the names of dead persons was against the tenets of Islam.

“Islam considers it as a greatest sin to equate any human either dead or alive with the Almighty God.”

The Holy Quran prohibits invoking any name other than Allah in the mosques.

Hence, the committee sought for clarification in the form of Fatwa from a famous Madrasa in Vellore and also from Islamic Fatwa Centre at Lalpet.

Both of them replied that prayers should be addressed directly to Allah and not to any human being.

The Executive Committee considered the issue in depth and decided to stop the practice of reciting Moulud and Ratheef from March 8, 2009. Five of the 11 families that recite the prayers accepted the decision and the rest revolted.

The CEO on April 1 directed to continue the practice until the issue could be decided by the Board.