Helmet evaders on the rise

Deputy Commissioner of Police Y. John Nicholson carried out a surprise raid in Salem on Monday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Y. John Nicholson carried out a surprise raid in Salem on Monday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: P. Goutham

Special Correspondent

200 cases registered on Monday

SALEM: The saying that rules are followed more in breach seems to apply to many in the city today especially when it comes to the wearing of helmets.

The City police have enforced the law of wearing helmets a compulsory one from January 1. The response from the citizens has been overwhelming. Police Commissioner Sunil Kumar Singh in fact thanked the people as nearly 99 per cent of bike riders had started sporting helmets in the first two weeks of the enforcement.

The police have been told to politely persuade the bike riders to wear helmets and make them understand the importance of it. An intense awareness campaign also has been launched and simultaneously cases also have been registered as per the law and without any ‘bullying’ tactics.

The citizens have been faithfully following till recently. The law enforcers have optimistically thought that the citizens are now ‘used to it’ and would no longer drive without helmets.

They have not taken serious view of a very few who had defied the rule.

But it has encouraged many others to follow suit. Many are seen driving motor bikes without helmets. A few are found carrying them in their bikes while driving. And it has become a common sight today on street roads that many drive bikes with no helmets. To restore the law, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Y. John Nicholson led the enforcement drive on Monday against these helmet evaders.

Riding his motor bike and of course wearing a helmet, he rode through the city’s important thoroughfares and personally registered cases against those who did not wear helmets.

“It is sad that we have to forcefully enforce a law that is being implemented for their safety. Citizens need to be responsible,” he said. Police once again have started registering cases, (some 200 on Monday) and people have once again started wearing helmets.

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