Growth rate of cars higher than two-wheelers

T. Ramakrishnan

Competitive prices, new models and easy finance are among the factors

CHENNAI: Cars have overtaken two wheelers in the State.

The growth rate of cars registered in the State in 2007-2008 over the previous year was 11.33 per cent against the growth rate of 10.08 per cent recorded by two wheelers.

Until 2006-2007, the growth rate of two wheelers was higher than that of cars, though the gap between the growth rates of the two categories of vehicles has been narrowing down since 2005.

A number of factors are attributed to the growing popularity of cars.

Competitive prices of cars, launch of new models, people’s willingness to spend money for better comforts and availability of easy finance are among the factors, besides growth in the purchasing power of the people.

Transport Commissioner C.P. Singh says the relatively low involvement of cars in road accidents may have also influenced the people’s preferences.

During January-March 2008, about 15,600 road accidents took place in the State.

Of them, two wheelers were involved in 4,200 accidents as against 3,775 involving cars/jeeps/taxis/ tempo vehicles put together.

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