Genuineness of woman’s birth certificate to be probed


CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has directed its Registry to forward the original birth certificate, supposedly issued by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, filed by a woman, to the Mambalam police for investigation of its genuineness.

Passing the order on an application by another woman, Justice V.Ramasubramanian said that he had serious doubts about the veracity of the certificate. The matter pertains to the grant of probate in respect of the last will and testament of S.V.Lakshmi Ammal in favour of Chandrika Ayyar, her daughter. P.Papayammal has sought revocation of the probate saying she is Lakshmi Ammal’s daughter. Time was granted to Dr.Ayyar for filing a counter and she was directed not to alienate the property. She filed the counter and two petitions, one seeking to vacate the restraint order, and another for initiating action against Papayammal for making false statements.

In the original petition for grant of probate, Dr.Ayyar, a spinster, said she was the only daughter of the late O.V.Parthasarathy and late Lakshmi Ammal. Her mother purchased a property on Arcot Street, T.Nagar, and was living in a house there.

In November 2005, she engaged the services of a nursing care run by Vijaya Baskar to look after her aged and ailing mother. Lakshmi Ammal died in December 2005 at her house. A fortnight prior to her death, the nursing services were stopped.

In June 2007, Vijaya Baskar visited Dr.Ayyar’s house and asked for a glass of water. When she was pouring water into the glass, she was knocked out unconscious. On regaining consciousness, she found herself in an apartment, held captive by Vijaya Bhaskar. Later, she was let off in T.Nagar, where many of her relatives lived. Based on a complaint by her niece, Vijaya Baskar was arrested. Two months after grant of probate, Papayammal sought its revocation saying she was the only legal heir of Parthasarathy and Lakshmi Ammal. She said Dr.Ayyar was claiming ownership based on a concocted and forged will.

In the order, Mr.Justice Ramasubramanian said the modus operandi of Vijaya Baskar and his accomplice Papayammal, the nature of offences alleged against them and the motive behind the alleged acts, provided in graphic detail in the order of preventive detention against Vijaya Baskar (later quashed on a technical ground), tallied exactly as contended by Dr.Ayyar’s counsel with the recent trend in the city, in which senior citizens owning property but having no legal heirs had become the target of attack.

The Judge said he was not presuming that Vijaya Baskar and Papayammal were guilty of all the offences mentioned in the grounds of detention. All the four documents, including the birth certificate, based on which Papayammal had made a claim to be the real daughter, lacked credibility.

Mr. Justice Ramasubramanian dismissed Papayammal’s application.

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