Garbage: warning issued

Staff Reporter

KARUR: Stringent action will be taken against those, especially commercial establishments, found dumping garbage on roads, the Karur Municipal Chairperson, P. Sivakamasundari, has warned. Errant establishments and persons would have to pay a hefty fine and even suffer confiscation of articles.

Pointing out that sanitary problems kept cropping up particularly in the absence of adequate sanitary staff in the municipal limits, Mrs. Sivakamasundari said that it was a challenge to maintain good and acceptable sanitary conditions in all the wards. In particular, the going was never easy in areas such as bus stand, old bus stand (where the ‘uzhavar sandhai’ is located), Jawahar Bazaar and on Dindigul Road where a lot of garbage was generated every day.

Attempts to partially privatise garbage clearance have been met with fierce resistance from the sanitary staff and the public over the period, increasing the pressure on the civic administration. Moreover an increase in number of restaurants, roadside eateries and commercial establishments in the town and reckless dumping of garbage on the roads by many of them have only added to the woes of the sanitary staff.

A total of 25 places have been identified in the town for collecting garbage in the town, from where they would be moved to the isolated dumping yards daily through lorries.

But many marriage halls, restaurants and eateries simply dump the garbage they generate anywhere and with total disregard to public health and sanitation.

At their own cost

Commercial establishments should from now on move the garbage they generate at their own cost to the identified dumping spots to facilitate easy and prompt clearance by the civic authorities. Mrs. Sivakamasundari has also cautioned people against dumping construction material on roads hindering free movement of traffic, in particular on the narrow and busy lanes. They have to resort to construction activities without obstructing vehicular and public movement.

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