Focus on colour

S.S. Kavitha

MADURAI: When it comes to home decoration, one thing that gains prime importance is the colour scheme, especially in the interior. In fact, colour plays a vital role in making even a small house look bigger and cosy besides transforming it into a home with a look that everybody will love to live in – said engineers and architects in the making of Aurobindo Mira Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

The answers of Standard VII students of the school were painted with a deep colour sense that would suit every house. This happened at the Newspaper in Education session on ‘Colour Schemes,’ which is part of the ‘Designing module,’ held at the school recently .

The session that began with a brief introduction on colours and their importance unveiled the list of colours that were broadly divided into primary, secondary and neural colours.

The resource person introduced red, blue and yellow as primary colours and orange (combination of yellow and red), green (combination of yellow and blue) and violet (combination of blue and red) as secondary colours. She also hinted that black and white were neutral colours that could be added to different colours to form cool and warm colours to suit the homes.

The class was also told about the effect of colours on room size and on mood and feelings and horizontal and vertical lines coordination that would help small rooms look bigger.

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