Fix speed breakers

The number of two-wheelers and four-wheelers increase day-by-day in Erode. However, roads in the district are not suitable to handle heavy traffic. The civic administration has set up speed breakers on some of the roads to minimise accidents. As there are not enough speed breakers on important main roads, the desired results have not been achieved. Perundurai Road, starting from Government headquarters hospital connecting Tirupur and Coimbatore, is one of the roads which have heavy traffic. Vehicles move fast on this road. As there are no speed breakers up to Tindal Medu, the speeding vehicles end up in accidents. At least two speed breakers should be provided, one near the Collector’s office and the other opposite Bluedart, to avert accidents in this region.

C. Bhaskaran,


Typing and shorthand

Typewriting and shorthand, called ‘Twin Arts’, should be incorporated into the syllabus of plus 2 so that after completion of their study students will be well equipped in office automation and computer application and it will help them secure jobs easily without even a degree. The education department may consider this proposal.

G.N. Devaraj,


Hooligans rule

Women are beaten up in Mangalore; North Indians are attacked in Nasik; newspapers offices ransacked; street fights by opposing parties; road blockades for trivial issues; cinema theatres showing films of ‘other’ regions set on fire; ‘satyagraha’ on rail tracks; buses burnt to show solidarity; drunken brawls and drunken driving killing families; setting fires in forests; peace marches ending in wars between two different groups of ‘peace lovers’ -- the list of hooliganisms is never ending. Not a day passes without hooligans having their heyday. It is also distressing to note that many a time students are involved in the activities of hooligans. Many may take these as minor aberrations. But these acts if left uncontrolled will lead to anarchy and catastrophe.

V.S. Venkatavaradan,


Update website

0Of late college students rely on websites for everything. If all websites are fed with information on a regular basis users stand to benefit. First year and second year engineering students in Bharatiar University are disappointed to find that the university website hardly provides any information pertaining to their subjects, portions etc. Officials concerned should look into the matter seriously and fulfil the requirements of end users.

R. Nagarajan,


Health insurance scheme

Tamilnadu Government is planning to introduce health insurance scheme for deserving patients in private hospitals in addition to government hospitals. The government is in the process of identifying hospitals for this. I request the government to be very strict in selecting the hospitals. They should be fully equipped with the latest gadgets and manpower. They should have a rehabilitation medicine department with a rehabilitation medicine specialist. Any treatment will not be complete without rehabilitation.

Dr. B.R. Ramasubramanian,


Electric crematorium

Three electric crematoria have been set up in Coimbatore city. But the hitch in its utilisation is the time factor. In Hindu culture the body is normally not kept for more than 24 hours. The office of the crematorium functions only between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and in case of death after 5 p.m. the relatives of the deceased have to wait for booking till the next day.

After 5 p.m. booking for the next day’s cremation is not done even on phone. It has to be done between 7.30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

By this time there will be a number of bodies waiting to be cremated. The government should advise the Corporation and the Corporation Commissioner to extend the time till 8 p.m.

C.M. Jeyaraam,


Ending suicides

This refers to the announcement of Deputy Inspector General of Police Sivanandi of Coimbatore Range stressing the need to open counselling centres in districts to create awareness against suicides.

The risk of suicides can be averted to a considerable extent.

The DIG’s announcement deserves appreciation. Professionals in counselling should be employed in the centres.

P.K. Kochukuttan,

Coimbatore. (Readers can mail to >cbereaders@thehindu.co.in with address and phone number)

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