Fears over nuclear reactors' safety allayed

R. Chidambaram

R. Chidambaram  

Special Correspondent

Coimbatore: Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India R. Chidambaram has allayed apprehensions over the safety of nuclear reactors in the country.

He told reporters on the sidelines of a national conference on `automotive manufacturing' here on Friday that India had some of the best reactor designers. For operational safety, it had some of the best training programmes. It also had an excellent regulatory authority that could stop anything from becoming operational in case of any "unusual occurrence."

"We have one of the best safety systems in the world and an excellent safety record," Mr. Chidambaram said. India was one of the leaders in nuclear waste management.

The amount of waste generated was less than from other segments like thermal. Even fly ash could cause radiation. He was confident that the "high level waste" generated from the nuclear facilities would be finally disposed of in "very safe repositories."

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