Fast planned to seek repair of NH 6 7

Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: The Coimbatore District – Mettuppalayam Road Protection Association has planned to observe a fast on October 6 seeking improvements to the extensively damaged National Highway No. 67.

The Association in a release pointed out that Mettuppalayam Road has turned out to be unmotorable because of the extensive damages to the road surface at many places. Continuous and sustained efforts to get this road re-laid, strengthened and widened had gone in vain as the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had failed to do any thing that could bring relief for the motorists using this stretch.

The Mettuppalayam Road from Sukrawarpet in Coimbatore to Mettuppalayam running to 45 km is National Highway Number 67 and was laid during the British period. The road accounted for a heavy traffic because it connected Coimbatore with the tourist destination and hill station Udhagamandalam and is a gateway to Karnataka as well as Kerala.

In addition to the damages, pot holes, craters on the road surface and the rampant encroachments on either side at many places has narrowed down the road space.


Mettuppalayam Road as on date accounted for highest number of accidents, deaths and injuries to motorists than any other road in Coimbatore. The road accounted for an average traffic of 135 vehicles per minute and 8,072 vehicles in one hour on the road. The road accounted for large number of industries and educational institutions.

To ensure safety of the motorists, the Association demanded that the Sukrawarpet to Mettuppalayam Road should be widened into a four lane, re-laid and strengthened and steps should be taken to expedite the work for relaying the Neelambur to Mettuppalayam bypass road so that the pressure could ease on the existing Mettuppalayam Road by bringing down the number of vehicles.