Farm centre for each block

Staff Reporter

ARIYALUR: As per the envisaged two-tier administrative system that is set to replace the three-tier system in vogue in the Agriculture Department, each block will be equipped with a full-fledged Agricultural Extension Centre for ensuring effective interaction with farmers, Agriculture Commissioner S. Kosalaraman said on Thursday.

An Assistant Director of Agriculture, an Agricultural Officer, a Deputy Agricultural Officer, and five Assistant Agricultural Officers will be posted in each centre, which would also house the offices of the Horticulture and Agricultural Marketing departments, Seed Centre, and a Computer Centre with Internet connectivity to facilitate farmers to obtain inputs from scientists online, he told presspersons.

A sum of Rs. 70.25 lakh out of Rs. 22.37 crore set as target has been released so far as subsidies to farmers in Ariyalur district under Central and State Government schemes. To implement the National Agriculture Development Programme in nine districts, including Ariyalur, in Tamil Nadu, Rs. 20.27 crore would be spent, he said.

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