Fake spark plugs seized

SEIZURE: C.Rajan, Commissioner of Customs (Import), Seaport, inspects the spark plugs on Tuesday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M.Karunakaran

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Officials of the Dock Intelligence Unit of the Customs (Seaport) have seized two lakh pieces of small- and medium-sized spark plugs imported from China.

C. Rajan, Commissioner of Customs (Import), Seaport, said that following specific information, a consignment imported by a Chennai-based firm was intercepted at a container freight station (CFS) in Numbal near Tiruverkadu. The consignment, which arrived from Ningbo Port, China, was declared as light fittings, table lamps, torch lights and automobile parts. It was brought to the CFS on Thursday last.

Examination of the consignment revealed that it had 1.5 lakh pieces of small and 50,000 medium spark plugs bearing the name Bosch with an inscription ‘India’.

Mr. Rajan said it was initially suspected that the plugs manufactured in India were exported and then imported to avoid paying some export duty. So the Customs authorities got in touch with Bosch Ltd in Bangalore.

The Brand Protection Manager confirmed that the plugs were not manufactured by the company. While the small plugs were for use in two-wheelers, the medium ones were for autorickshaws.

As the consignment was misdeclared, the two lakh pieces were seized for violation of the provisions of the Customs Act and Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007, Mr Rajan said. The seized goods were valued at Rs.1 crore, he added.

Ramesh Kulkarni, Regional Manager, South and Sri Lanka, BOSCH, said that using fake material would lead to increased pollution level and health hazard.