Excellent returns from SRI impress Ramnad farmers

C. Jaishankar

Agricultural officials expect good response next year

RAMANATHAPURAM: A. Ponnangu (50) a small farmer of the Kombuthy village in Thirupullani block of the district is sitting pretty thanks to his wise decision to adapt System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in his one acre paddy field.

The scientifically grown paddy field promises excellent returns to him. Moreover it is getting steady visitors, mostly farmers and farm labourers, to see the status of the crop, healthiness, weeds position, productive tillers, usage of fertilizer, watering and others. It has enthused the farmers of Kombuthy village to the level of bringing all paddy fields in the village under the SRI next year.

“We have resolved to achieve cent per cent SRI coverage in the next season, as almost all farmers of the village have made up their mind after seeing the spectacular growth of paddy seedings with optimum use of water, fertilizer, pest medicine and others in a few fields where SRI has been introduced,” said A. Murugan, president, Kombuthy.

“In the traditional method, we will get only around 15 productive tillers out of five seedlings planted in a place. In the SRI method, 25 to 35 productive tillers have grown by a single seedling planted in a place. It has given confidence to other farmers,” said Ponnangu.

Z. Kamaludeen, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Thirupullani block, said that all the five important techniques of SRI had become popular among farmers. Transplanting of seedlings at wider spacing, less water usage, low overheads, mechanical weeding and optimum use of fertilizer had influenced the farmers. The method would have a good impact next year.

S. Kanagaraj, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Seed Certification, and S. Shaik Abdullah, Agricultural Officer, said farmers and land labourers of Kombuthy village had already started learning techniques on SRI, integrated pest and nutrient management, harvest and post harvest and others to cover all fields under SRI method next year.

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