English knowledge vital: Barnala

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Governor inaugurates ‘English for Progress-First Policy Dialogue’

It is meant to find ways to bridge the gap between education and employment

“Education which can’t give employment is not sustainable”

CHENNAI: Governor Surjith Singh Barnala inaugurated the ‘English for Progress-First Policy Dialogue’ organised by the British Council here on Monday.

The two-day event, in which educationists and professionals from India, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom are participating, seeks to identify the common areas of concern and come up with solutions.

British Council’s Minister of Cultural Affairs and Regional Director for South Asia Rod Pryde said it was aimed at finding ways to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Mr. Barnala said the conference was relevant as it sought to explore the role of State and private education in India, Sri Lanka and the U.K. “It will, indeed, build a bridge between education and employment and strengthen the case for employable skills in education.” While education could not be merely for employment, education which could not give employment was not sustainable, he said.

Pat for Council

Highlighting the role of English in the modern age, he said the knowledge of the language was vital in areas such as science and technology and global trade. He commended the British Council for spreading the language.

Tool for inclusion

Helen Kaczmarek, deputy head of skills for employability, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, U.K., emphasised the importance of knowing how to use English as a tool for inclusion. The knowledge of English had become imperative in different professions, especially those involving customer services.

The event features several sessions, in which 24 speakers would address the participants.

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