Encroachment at bus stand again

Traders have returned after eviction

: Recent visit of Tamil Nadu Assembly Petitions Committee to Dindigul central bus stand had forced the municipality to remove all encroachments and keep the bus stand clean and tidy.

Unsoiled platforms, spacious shelters for passengers, spotless stay rooms, dirt-free environment, wide path between town bus stand and mofussil bus stand for easy mobility and perfect parking bays had surprised everyone, including officers and rural mass. It all happened just 24 hours before the visit of the committee to Dindigul.

Brushing aside pressures from all corners, the municipality did it in a short span of time amazing everyone, particularly committee members.

All happiness and joy of commuters vanished within the 48 hours after the visit of the committee.

Now, the bus stand bounced to its bad condition bringing all miseries back to the commuters mercilessly, owing to swift action by encroachers and “inaction” of municipal officials.

They swiftly occupied all areas like platforms, stay rooms, moving area, shelters for passengers to stay. While shop keepers encroached upon half of the platform and the rest by platform vendors, mostly fruit sellers.

A large number of fruit sellers set up shops on both side the wide path making it a narrow lane. Neither the district administration nor the municipality initiates any action against these encroachers till date.

The Dindigul bus stand alone has the pride of having a big garbage dumping yard within its campus.

Wastes attract pigs and stray dogs posing a grave threat to commuters. There is no shelter at all at the town bus stand.

The irony is that it is a grade one bus stand since 2007. Upgrading benefits only the municipality and not a single public.

Only one councillor was responsible for such pathetic condition, deplored municipal officials. Encroachers under him could not be questioned, they added.

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