Eight quacks, including a woman, arrested

Staff Reporter

Drive to be intensified in the district, says SP Asra Garg

TIRUNELVELI: A special police team has arrested eight quacks including a woman in and around Ambasamudram in the district after complaints poured in from the public.

Following complaints regarding quacks running ‘clinics' in and around Ambasamudram, Superintendent of Police Asra Garg recently formed a special team, led by Ambasamudram Deputy Superintendent of Police N. Gopalan, to closely monitor their functioning for a while. On confirming that eight quacks were running their hospitals in Ambasamudram region for the past several years, the police raided their premises on Tuesday.

As they were found to be quacks and did not possess any recognized degrees awarded by competent bodies, the police arrested K. Papanasam (69) of Vaagaikulam, G. Indrani (40) of Brammadesam, M. Ramachandran (37) of Kallidaikurichi, K. Ramasamy (64) of Kallidaikurichi, S. Manickavasagam (58) of Keezha Ermaalpuram, R. Purushothaman (40) of Keezha Aambur, S. Thangarajan (50) of Alwarkurichi and A. Annamalai Nagappan (49) of Vickramasingapuram.

They also seized medical equipments used by them.

“We've so far arrested ten quacks in Tirunelveli district and the drive will continue with much vigour across the district in the days to come.

We'll initiate the most possible stringent action against the quacks, who are playing with the precious lives of the poor rural population,” Mr. Asra Garg warned.