Efforts on to increase facilities for silk reeling

Staff Reporter

District has nine technical service centres to help mulberry farmersTotal number of reeling basins likely to go up to 125 by end of March

COIMBATORE: The Directorate of Sericulture here has identified ten entrepreneurs who will get subsidy from the Central Silk Board to set up silk reeling facilities.

The District is expected to see a substantial increase in reeling facilities with 41 additional basins set up so far this year.

The entrepreneurs identified for the subsidy programme will bring in 50 more basins, said an official at the directorate. They would get about 70 per cent subsidy.

The additional capacity would come from both - expansion of some of the existing reeling units and new ones.

He said that this would take the total number of reeling basins here to 125 by the end of March.

The official explained that Coimbatore had about 800 mulberry farmers.

Further, those from 12 districts came to the regulated market here to sell cocoon.

However, only the reelers in the district came here to buy the cocoon.

There was a need to increase the reeling capacity here to meet the cocoon supply.

Coimbatore district had nine technical service centres that helped farmers cultivate mulberry and trained them in silkworm rearing.

The Government cocoon market here was fully computerised. On an average, transactions were to the tune of 1.5 tonnes to two tonnes of cocoon annually worth Rs. 7 crores.

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