ELCOT to install freeware fonts in Collectorates

N. Anand

CHENNAI: Having installed its freeware TAM/TAB fonts in over 450 computer systems in the Secretariat, the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu is set to enter the 30 Collectorates in the State within a week to replace the Vanavil Avvaiyar fonts supplied by a private party.

The ELCOT has sent instructions to the Collectorates to use its freeware. Besides installing these fonts and phonetic keyboards, the ELCOT branch managers will train key resource persons to install the freeware in 206 taluk offices, 385 block development offices and 73 revenue divisional offices.

According to ELCOT officials, these fonts can be downloaded from >www.elecot.in, with the phonetic keyboard software driver.

Phonetic keyboard

The phonetic keyboard enables those who are not familiar with Tamil language and fonts to type the words in English that will be converted into Tamil. “It will be provided in the Windows and Linux environment. We have also hosted conversion tools to convert the Vanavil documents into the ELCOT font format.”

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