Driving licence for old people

There are reports that the Central Government is planning to stop issuing or renewing driving licences to those who cross 75 years of age.

The reasons put forth are: they will encounter problems in vision and hearing thus leading to accidents.

I disagree with this view. Those who are more than 75 years will be more careful and cautious while driving vehicles.

They are aware that if any mishap occurs, they will suffer heavily due to fractures, thus rendering them immobile and bedridden.

They will think twice to violate traffic rules and will not resort to rash driving. It is the youngsters who should be watched and controlled. They give scant regard to the traffic rules, never bother about signals and drive at a high speed, resulting in fatal accidents.

Even teenagers aged 12 and 13 are seen riding vehicles at a high speed.

They may not be knowing either the traffic rules or knowledge about the vehicle they are riding.

It is better, therefore, that the Government need not take any hasty decision on denying driving licence taking into account the age factor alone and instead frame rules that will result in better adherence of road rules by all.

C.H.V. Pathy,


Defective ATM at Anna Nagar

The ATM installed at the Indian Overseas Bank, Anna Nagar branch, near Aravind Eye Hospital, is not functioning properly,

It is either defective or problematic though the main office is also functioning in the same premises.

Whenever complaints are reported to the bank staffers to set right the defect, they are evasive, quoting their busy engagements in their routine works, thus resulting in hardship for customers.

There is a board in the bank office advising customers to avail the ATM facility for withdrawing money upto Rs. 15,000 from their accounts.

Will the bank replace the defective ATM or keep the machine in working condition to serve the customers better?

A.R. Moorthy,


Encroachments on Netaji Road

Even after the erection of barricades off Amman Sannadhi Street and Netaji Road, the entire road has been occupied by vendors, autorickshaws and two-wheelers.

There is not enough space for pedestrians to walk freely and enter Amman Sannadhi and south gopuram.

I request the authorities to evict the encroachments on all roads leading towards Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.

S.N.M.T. Nagarajan,

Nagamalai Pudukottai

Reason for accidents on four-lane highways

There is a manifold increase of accidents between Melur and Madurai on the four-lane highway.

In most of the cases, vehicles coming on the wrong track in the opposite direction cause gory accidents.

The Highway Patrol police force may be directed to take action against such offenders.

Besides, considering the urgency of the situation, the authorities must frame a list of do’s and don’ts to be observed on four-lane highways and educate people through proper channels.

BBC. Chandrasekar,

Anna Nagar

Solutions to traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is experienced on most of the roads in Madurai. Pedestrians do not use platforms because they have been encroached by vendors, besides parking of bicycles and two- wheelers by the shopkeepers.

The police must take stern action to remove the encroachments and educate pedestrians to walk only on the platforms. The traffic police can use public address system to advise pedestrians to use platforms and violators slapped with spot fine. The traffic police must also put a check on reckless driving of autorickshaws which are least bothered about other vehicles.

Their driving license must be checked along with the help of Regional Transport Office and heavy penalty levied on parking of autorickshaws at bus stops.

Moreover, pedestrian crossing points must be clearly marked with signal lights.

I request the Commissioner of Police to take suitable action.

R.G. Rethinam,


House break-in cases on the rise

House break-in cases in the State are regularly reported in the media. In many cases, the victims are old persons, who lose jewels and other valuables.

The culprits are in no fear of police, the reason why these crimes are on the rise and Madurai is no exception (The Hindu, January 23). Patrolling of the police must be intensified in vulnerable areas and as suggested by the retired police officer in the article, the higher-ups must be held responsible for any burglary and chain snatching incidents in their command area.

The offenses must be thwarted before they take place and a sense of fear of the presence of police must be created in the minds of culprits.

V S Sankaran,


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