Drawing inspiration from India

Jean Echenoz Photo: T. Singaravelou

Jean Echenoz Photo: T. Singaravelou  

Deepa H. Ramakrishnan

Meet author Jean Echenoz at Alliance Francaise

PUDUCHERRY: His address for the past two months has been 20, Rue Des Bassyns De Richemont, Puducherry. The author of "Le Grande", "Le Meridian de Greenwich" and "Ravel", Jean Echenoz, has been taking in the sights, sounds and life of the Union Territory and working on a book.

But he will not reveal what he is working on currently. You can, however, ask him questions at the Maison Colombani centre at the Alliance Francaise at 34, Rue Dumas, on January 17 at 6 p.m. at a "Meet the author" programme.

He has written over 12 novels since his first book, Le Meridien de Greenwich, came out in 1979. He has won around 10 literary prizes including the Goncourt prize for "Je m'en vais".

"I have been writing fictional novels till now, but I also want to write about real life," he says.

"Happy to be here"

"I like this place because it inspires me a lot. I am happy when I am at home in France. I am also happy here in India and in Puducherry. I like to walk around a lot and observe the daily life, people working, shops, the temples and the monuments ... and when I walk I let my mind think. When I walk, I feel like reading a book. I would rather walk around than take a cycle or an auto."

He has been to India five times till now. His novel, "Le Grande", has been inspired by India. The novel revolves around a character, Glory, who tries to escape from her past life and is in search for something. "It was kind of autobiographical," he says.

The author has been writing since his childhood.

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