Digital mammography system for cancer detection installed

Special Correspondent

“One in 20 women in urban centres is diagnosed with cancer in India

every year”

CHENNAI: Prevention and pre-symptomatic diagnosis of cancer in the breast were two areas that should be focussed on, N. Rangabashyam, Founder and Head, Surgical Gastroenterology department, Madras Medical College, said.

Breast cancer has grown to a super specialisation by itself, he said, adding that this was essential in order to have definitive diagnostic facilities and appropriate treatment. Currently, a very sophisticated form of breast surgery is being offered, with the ideal of conserving the breast as much as possible, Dr. Rangabashyam said.

He was speaking after the installation of a digital mammography machine with “a prone table biopsy system” for Chennai Breast Centre.

Advanced diagnosis

Unveiling the installation plaque, Kanimozhi, MP, said most women hardly paid any attention to preventive health care. She commended Selvi Radhakrishna, Oncoplastic breast surgeon, Chennai Breast Centre, for bringing advanced diagnostic equipment into the city to fill a gap in medicare services, and meeting a hitherto unmet need.

The digital mammography machine Lorad Selenia was brought to the country by Trivitron Healthcare.

Company managing director G.S.K. Velu said one in every 20 women in the urban centres and one in every 50 women in the rural areas are diagnosed with cancer in India every year.

A mammographic examination may make the difference between life and death for a woman as its success in detecting breast cancer early on has been established.

Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna said the difference between the conventional mammograph and digital mammograph is the difference between a film camera and digital.

The latter is more advanced form of cancer detection. It is also possible to store the images digitally, she added.

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