De-addiction, psychotherapy centre opened in city

Special Correspondent

Cognitive and behavioural treatment model to be followed

MADURAI: A de-addiction and psychotherapy centre was opened at K. K. Nagar in Madurai for alcoholics who face withdrawal problems or for those who want to come out of alcoholism.

Cognitive and behavioural treatment model will be followed by a team of qualified professionals giving individual attention to each patient, according to A. S. Gnaneswaran, de-addiction psychotherapist.

At the Wisdom De-addiction cum Rehabilitation Centre, a pattern of treatment model was introduced after studying the effective patterns followed in different places across the country.

“Depression and anger are post-alcohol withdrawal problems. Treatment combined with drugs and psychotherapy will be provided to patients,” he said.



If required, persons will be admitted as inpatients for 21 days and the treatment cost will be Rs.8,000 including hospital stay. Relapse triggers will be identified and the patients will be strengthened with coping strategies during the individual psychotherapy treatment, Dr. Gnaneswaran said.

He informed that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is the highlight of the treatment. Contact details:

A.S.Gnaneswaran, 3/9,Subbaiah Colony, K.K.Nagar, Madurai. Mobile: 90257-82982 and 99651-14701. Landline: 0452-3246889.

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