Credit system

This refers to the report that choice-based credit system is to be introduced in arts and science colleges (March 31) from the next academic year. It is stated that the system will improve skill levels and make graduates more employable. The advantages of this system are standardisation of the degree to internationally-accepted levels, emphasis on job-oriented courses, scope for skill-oriented elective subjects of students aptitude.

The following problems should be solved and certain clarifications are needed. Only then will the system be useful. Any academic reform should be discussed at a larger forum before it is introduced. Faculty members should be consulted and briefed about the system. The system is based on the western model. It should be assessed whether it will suit Indian conditions. The course fee should not be hiked. The syllabus should be approved before May. Under this system students are allowed to choose their course, teachers and timings.

All these will lead to many problems in rural colleges. In view of the above, the system is suitable only for colleges in urban areas.

V.S. Ganesamurthy,


Railway track

I thank the railways for converting the meter gauge line from Katpadi to Mayavaram to broad gauge. An additional track may also be laid to facilitate movement of two trains up and down simultaneously to help passengers between these two stations. Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Cuddalore and Thanjavur will be connected if this project is implemented.

G.N. Devaraj,


Traffic congestion

The recent move of Salem Corporation to lay a road on the banks of Thirumanimutharu River should be welcomed. The Corporation should now take steps to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

Sendhil Kumar. V,

Salem .

Clean Tirupur

Will the formation of a new district with Tirupur as headquarters make Tirupur a clean and beautiful city? When I was passing through the Tirupur railway station recently I found tonnes of garbage scattered for kilometres parallel to the railway tracks on both sides. The interior city is also no better.

Will the rich exporters of Tirupur do something to make the city a better place to live in? It is ironical that rich cities are also found to be the ugliest. Mumbai, the richest city in India, is the seventh ugliest city in the world (with all its trillionaires and Five Star hotels).

Many years ago, the diamond city Surat in Gujarat was hit by plague because of unsanitary conditions. Surat is now a beautiful and clean city. One hopes Tirupur does not require an epidemic to make it beautiful.

V.S. Venkatavaradan,


Widen road

Pratap Gokuldas in his letter (March 17) has brought to the notice of the Corporation authorities the need to widen Brooke Bond Road (Krishnaswamy Road) which cannot cope with the anticipated steep increase in vehicular traffic once the huge mall and the theatre complex, now under construction there, become functional. If the huge, open, drains on Krishnaswamy Road (Brooke Bond Road) and Goodsshed Road are covered with strong concrete slabs and the protecting parapet walls demolished, these two roads will easily gain an additional width of two to 2.5 metres, which, in turn, will help a smooth flow of traffic. Along with it, if the railway underpasses near Annamallai Finance, Kikani School, Kaleeswara Mills and Coimbatore Junction are improved and suitable measures taken to ensure that they do not remain waterlogged even during the rainy season, there will not be traffic congestion on the connecting roads and flyovers.


Coimbatore .

Speed post

On March 27 I sent a cover by speed post to Valasaravakkam in Chennai by paying Rs. 25 at the Coimbatore head post office. The cover should have been delivered the next day, if one goes by the department’s advertisement. However, the cover was delivered only March 29 by a regular postman. On enquiry at Chennai, I was told that there was no separate delivery for articles booked under the speed post and that only the regular postman will deliver the letters along with other letters. If I had sent the cover by a private courier it would have been delivered on time.

R.M. Subrahmanian,


Ticket inspectors

I boarded route 100 bus (TN 38 N 0884) at Cheran Maanagar on February 23 at 10.50 a.m. to go to Gandhipuram. Later two inspectors began checking tickets. The inspectors then checked the invoice with the conductor. They found that the number of tickets in the invoice did not tally with that of the passengers. The inspectors counted the passengers again and again but could not trace the one without ticket. Later they found that the problem was with a group of three passengers – two men and a woman. Meanwhile, the inspectors had collected the tickets of the passengers who boarded the bus at Cheran Maanagar. When the bus reached Satyamangalam main road I asked the checking inspector to return my ticket. He said I could get the ticket only if I asked for it in writing to the Transport Corporation officers concerned. When I contacted the operations department of the Corporation an official told me that the inspector cannot keep my ticket in his possession. Till the bus reached Gandhipuram all the tickets were with the inspectors. However, after a lot of hassles I got my ticket back.

N.R. Ravisankar,


Neglected road

Sundakkamuthur bypass road from Ukkadam junction to Kovaipudur is in a bad shape. More than 6,000 vehicles pass through this road every day. It should be relaid to make it usable.

R. Viswanathan,


Tank beautification

It is heartening to note that the Coimbatore Corporation and the public works department propose to work jointly to make improvements to the Valamkulam tank. This tank, which had a vast area and expanse of water, has over the years shrunk in size owing to unauthorised encroachment. Silt should be cleared from the tank, the tank should be deepened and watery plants from it should be removed. A compound wall around the tank should be built to prevent gutter water and industrial effluents draining into it. The possibility of creating a long park on the bank should be studied.

M.R. Pillai,


Luxury buses

Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation recently introduced low berth luxury city buses in Coimbatore in certain selected routes for the aged, physically challenged people and children. Kovaipudur is a fast developing suburban colony where a large number of senior citizens and employees reside. Though the frequency of route No. 3 D bus from here to and fro Ganapathy via Gandhipuram is good, the buses are always overcrowded. Many aged people go to the city and children to schools in the city in town buses. During the peak hour traffic, the aged and the children find it very difficult to board and alight the buses. The low berth luxury buses should be introduced for the commuters of Kovaipudur.

M.V. Namby,


Speed breakers

Speed breakers installed at the S-bend on NSR Road are serving their purpose well. Speed breakers are needed on Thadagam Road at the Bharathi Park road intersection in front of Government College of Technology. Traffic on these roads is extremely chaotic all through the day and during peak hours it is a big ordeal for pedestrians crossing the road. Accidents are reported very often here. I request the authorities concerned to do the needful soon before this road junction becomes a death trap for vehicle users and pedestrians.

Sriram Kumar. M,

Coimbatore. (Readers can mail to >cbereaders@thehindu.co.in with address and phone number)

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