Counselling for transfers of teachers at Adi Dravidar schools

Special Correspondent

It has been scheduled for

June 27, 28

VELLORE: Counselling for transfers of teachers/wardens employed in Adi Dravidar and tribal welfare schools/hostels in Vellore district for 2008-09 will be held at the office of the District Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Officer, Vellore, as follows:

June 27 (10 a.m.): transfers for middle school headmasters and promotion of graduate teachers as headmasters of middle schools.

June 27 (2 p.m.): transfers for graduate teachers and promotion of elementary school headmasters as graduate teachers.

June 28 (10 a.m.): transfers for headmasters of elementary schools and promotion of secondary grade teachers as headmasters of elementary schools.

June 28 (2 p.m.): transfers for hostel wardens in the grade of secondary grade teachers and graduate teachers.

Only those teachers who have applied for transfers should appear for the counselling, a release from the Vellore Collector said.

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