Councillors call for steps to avoid water scarcity during summer

CLARIFICATION: Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner Anshul Mishra (right) explains the drinking water supply situation to councillors at the Council meeting on Friday. Mayor   | Photo Credit: Photo: S. Siva Saravanan

Special Correspondent

Diversion of surplus water to deficit areas suggested

COIMBATORE: Further staggering of Siruvani water supply in the western parts of the city and diversion of surplus water to deficit areas in the eastern section were among the measures suggested by councillors at the Coimbatore Corporation Council meeting on Thursday to avoid scarcity during summer.

The meeting provided a clear indication of the frayed tempers that the city could witness if a water crisis were to occur during summer.

The councillors in the areas covered by the Pilloor scheme complained that the supply was being made only once in 10 days.

Raising this issue during Zero Hour, Asuntha Mary of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam asked why some areas of the city should suffer erratic water supply while some others enjoyed alternate day supply.

She demanded that the supply should be cut in other areas. Commissioner Anshul Mishra intervened to say that one section could not be penalised for the problem in another.

He said the Corporation was doing its best despite the limitations to ensure proper water supply.

Mr. Mishra pointed out that the Corporation could do nothing about the bursts or leaks in the Pilloor main line that disrupted supply to the eastern parts of the city.

“This is not in our hands. A Rs.7 crore project has been sanctioned for improving the internal distribution system. This will be done even as the Pilloor phase two scheme is implemented.”

Mr. Mishra called upon Ms. Mary and other aggrieved councillors such as Meena Loganathan, N. Murugesan and R. Prabhakaran to explain to the people in their wards the problems in Pilloor supply.

Floor Leader of the Congress in the Council R.S. Thirumugham recalled that the Corporation had re-scheduled Siruvani supply from alternate days to once in three days last year in order to provide water to scarcity-hit areas that came under the Pilloor scheme.

“My ward gets Pilloor water only once in 10 days. Some amount of Siruvani water can be diverted to the eastern parts of the city if the supply in the western parts is re-worked like last year,” he said.

Mr. Mishra said that such a measure was taken only when there was severe scarcity in one section of the city.

The present problem in the eastern section and options for overcoming it could be discussed at a meeting on Monday, he said.

Independent councillor N. Revathi said some western parts served by the Siruvani scheme also faced shortage of drinking water. Wards 47, 49 and 50 were some of the areas, she said.

Deputy Mayor N. Karthik called upon officials to identify spots in the supply lines that were prone to leaks.

Leader of the Opposition V.N. Udayakumar and All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam councillor P. Rajkumar were among those who demanded steps to prevent scarcity.