Collector launches insurance scheme

Special Correspondent

THANJAVUR: The district administration has appealed to the State government to increase the number of beneficiaries under Rs. 500 financial assistance scheme given to mentally retarded persons per month said the Collector M. S. Shanmugham, here on Saturday.

Launching the insurance scheme ‘Nirmaya’ for mentally retarded persons, Mr. Shanmugham said that at present Rs. 500 per month is given to 500 mentally retarded persons in the district. There are nearly 4,000 to 5,000 mentally retarded persons in the district. If economically well off are exempted, the financial assistance can be extended to at least another 500 persons. A proposal has been forwarded to the Government.

The State government has allocated exclusively for the welfare of mentally retarded Rs. 25 crore. The Collector directed the Rehabilitation Officer to attend to the family problems of the mentally retarded persons. The family may have problems like getting pattas, ration cards, etc. They will be considered special and solved, he added.

The society should extend all help to such persons. Humanism is extending love to these less fortunate persons, he added.

M. Ravichandran, Executive committee member of the National Trust Board which implements the insurance scheme said that ‘Nirmaya’ is a health insurance policy for mentally retarded, those affected by cerebral palsy and autism. Premium for mentally retarded children or persons in the family with less than Rs. 15,000 as monthly income will be Rs. 95 which will be paid by the trust.

Other mentally retarded children or persons from families with monthly income more than Rs. 15,000 should pay an annual premium of Rs. 250. The insured persons can avail Rs. 1 lakh for treatment in a year. The insurance scheme is renewable from year to year.

In the whole state 25,000 parents of mentally retarded children get Rs. 500 per month as financial assistance under the scheme.

K. Kaliyamurthy, District Rehabilitation Officer, participated. Nearly 2,000 parents with mentally retarded children attended the programme and registered themselves for the scheme.

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