K. Ameenur Rahman, Chairman, MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai writes:

With reference to the report titled, “50% colleges failed to admit even one minority student,” published in The Hindu of July 7, 2007, your Special Correspondent has observed, in the last paragraph, that “interestingly,” the MEASI Academy of Architecture is one of two colleges that, in 2006-07, “admitted more than the sanctioned intake of students, according to the list,” submitted to the Honourable Madras High Court by the Advocate General.

First, let me point out that the MEASI Academy of Architecture has been admitting students only on the sanctioned strength (Council of Architecture Intake), has followed all the applicable norms, and has not violated any of them. Against a Council of Architecture intake of 40 students, in 1999-2000, the first year of its functioning, it admitted to the B. Arch programme 18 students; in 2000-01, 20 students; in 2001-02, 37 students; and the full sanctioned strength of 40 students in 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, and 2005-06. In addition, in 2005-06, the MEASI Academy of Architecture admitted in its newly started B. Arch. (Interior Design) programme 34 students against a sanctioned strength of 40.

From its inception, the MEASI Academy of Architecture has fully lived up to its minority status. So far it has admitted 139 Muslim minority students (78 men and 61 women) out of a total number of 275 students. It is also widely recognised that it has built up a reputation for excellence and benefitting students drawn from all communities.

In 2006-07, the year referred to in the report, the Academy admitted 42 and 41 students in the B. Arch. and B. Arch. (Interior Design) programmes respectively. During the single window counselling for admission, we were allotted 16 and 15 candidates for these two programmes respectively. On enquiry, we were informed by the single window authorities that we could fill up 5 and 7 candidates respectively as lapsed seats, bringing the total to 21 and 22 for B. Arch. and B. Arch. (I.D.) respectively. While admitting the candidates under the lapsed quota, an inadvertent mistake happened, by which 22 candidates were admitted to B. Arch. (instead of 21) and only 21 candidates were admitted to B. Arch. (I.D.) [instead of 22]. Thus in 2006-07, the total number of seats under the single window, including the lapsed seats, was 43. We admitted 40 candidates [20 B. Arch. and 20 B. Arch. (I.D.)] under the management quota. The total number of seats remained at 83. We applied for condonation of the minor and inadvertent lapse and got written approval (Letter No. 1000913/J3/2006, dated 08-01-2007) for our admission of students to both programmes from the Director of Technical Education.

So it will not be correct to suggest that we "admitted more than the sanctioned intake of students" or did not comply with the norms.

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