Chennai traffic violators pay up Rs.65 lakh in fine

Vidya Venkat

CHENNAI: The traffic police have earned Rs. 65 lakh in fine from violators of traffic rules since the beginning of this year.

They plan to install 30 more closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at key traffic intersections to improve the motorists’ compliance with traffic rules. At present, intersections at the Gandhi Statue near the Marina, the Spencer Plaza junction, the Eldams Road junction and the junction near the Anna flyover are among the areas that have the facility.

Ironically, six out of eight television sets in the traffic control room at Egmore, where vehicular movement is monitored, are under repair during the past two days. So, the control room operators are unable to monitor traffic violations at the traffic intersections.

Sources in the control room said that traffic was being monitored through the CCTV cameras at the Ega theatre and Chennai Central junctions.

CCTV cameras

The police are booking violators for driving without helmets and seat belts, jumping signals, defective number plates and stop-line violations.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sunil Kumar said the 30 new CCTV cameras would be installed in a month. “In a day we are collecting up to Rs.50,000 in fine,” he said. As for the television sets under repair, he said engineers were on the job.

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