Censorship for serials

While the film industry is subjected to strict censorship by the Central Board of Film Censor, no such stringent law appears to be in force in the case of television serials and shows. It is very unfortunate that some serials are based on unnatural and unbelievable stories without any logic. In some episodes, more violence takes place that too in the presence of large force of police, demoralising the law enforcing agency.

If a check has to be made in the interest of the public, the only way to carry it out is to subject the serials as well as other such programmes to the scrutiny of the Censor Board.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,



Many research studies have found a link between watching television sets and obesity, but for the first time US researchers have recorded in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that there is a link between too much of TV viewing and increasing blood pressure (The Hindu, Oct.31). They have found that obese children who watched TV for four or more hours are more likely to have high blood pressure than children who spent less than two hours a day. This is the price the present-day children are forced to pay living as they do in nuclear families.

Days were when children lived with their grandparents who educated and entertained them with fine stories. Deprived of this cordial atmosphere, the children have no choice but to sit before the TV to pass time. With parents leaving home early and arriving late, dependence of children on TV has become an all-time factor.

G.K.S. Kandasubramanian,


Drainage work

In Ramanathapuram, underground drainage work is in progress, which causes damage to roads and streets. Sands and stones, which are triggered by earthmovers are dumped haphazardly on either sides of roads and streets obstructing traffic. Pedestrians too have a tough time in finding their way through. The Ramanathapuram municipality has to be blamed for this state of affairs. It should take remedial measures immediately.

G. Nagasamy,


Testing lab

The Government has proposed to operate 10 mobile integrated counselling and testing centres with the help of the Tamil Nadu Aids Control Society. They have proposed to conduct the tests in rural areas in some selected districts. I learn that Ramanathapuram is left out.

I request the authorities concerned to sponsor the vehicle to Ramanathapuram district too to conduct the test in villages.

V. Rajendran,


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