Candidates file papers

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ERODE: Nominees from Bharatiya Janata Party, Desiya Murpoku Dravida Kazhagam and Kongu Nadu Munnetra Peravai filed their nominations before the Returning Officer and Collector Mahesan Kasirajan on Thursday.

In his affidavit, BJP candidate N.P. Palanisamy has declared that neither has he been convicted in a case nor is an accused in a case under trial. Regarding his movable and immovable properties, Mr. Palanisamy has declared that his wife and he have Rs. 2.5 lakh in cash, his wife and son have Rs. 68,000 in bank deposits, his wife and he have Rs. 5.3 lakh in deposits in other firms, and the three have Rs. 6.3 lakh in other deposits.

He has further declared that the family has a car and two vehicles valued at Rs. 1.75 lakh and jewellery worth Rs. 5.2 lakh. As for his immovable properties, the BJP candidate has declared that he has 16 cents of cultivable land worth Rs. 30,000 in Nasiyanur and fallow lands worth Rs. 1.98 lakh in his name and lands worth Rs. 2.69 lakh.

DMDK candidate K.G. Muthu Venkateshwaran has declared that he has not been convicted in a criminal case, nor has any pending against him. His movable and immovable properties include Rs. 50,000 in cash, bank and other deposits worth Rs. 2,096 and lands worth Rs. 2,24,30,000. He has houses and buildings worth Rs. 16.5 lakh, vehicles worth Rs. 7.03 lakh and jewellery worth Rs. 1.2 lakh. His liabilities include bank loans worth Rs. 8.48 lakh and loans from finance firms worth Rs. 4.12 lakh.

The Kongu Nadu Munnetra Peravai candidate C. Balasubramaniam has declared that his wife and he have Rs. 25,000 in bank deposits, Rs. 3,39 lakh in deposits with private companies, and Rs. 6.89 lakh in other deposits.

Mr. Balasubramaniam has declared that he has vehicles worth Rs. 44.19 lakh and wife has vehicles worth Rs. 11.4 lakh. The couple also have jewellery worth Rs. 8.8 lakh. His immovable properties are cultivable lands worth Rs. 22.25 lakh, his wife’s worth Rs. 29.5 lakh and son’s worth Rs. 1 lakh. He wife has other lands worth Rs. 21 lakh.

The KNMP candidate has declared that he has liabilities worth Rs. 40.27 lakh.

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