CCC appeals for ban enforcement

Staff Reporter

Coimbatore: The Coimbatore Consumer Cause (CCC) has appealed to the Secretary to Government for Commercial Taxes and Registration for ensuring the enforcement of the ban on registration of documents opposed to public policy since the authorities are not enforcing it even after two months of gazette notification.

The CCC Secretary, K. Kathirmathiyon, in a memorandum pointed out that the Government order relating to the ban was notified in the Gazette two months ago. The Government made amendment to the Registration Act 1908 and introduced a new Section 22 A, replacing the existing one and thereby banned registration of the certain documents belonging to Government or local bodies and lands converted as house sites without the approval of the Planning Authorities concerned. People who purchased unapproved sites and constructed the buildings demanded all facilities.. Such problems could be avoided both to the Public and to the Government, if the registration of such unapproved sites were not done by the Registration Dept.

After many deliberations, the Government also amended the Registration Act and the Tamil Nadu Act was given clearance by the President of India on January 29, 2009.

The Tamil Nadu Government issued gazette notification on March 4, 2009 in respect of the amendment to the Registration Act. Unfortunately, CCC observed that the amendments were not given effect by the Registration Department and till date the unapproved sites are being registered.

Normally the government orders were issued with a note that the order would be effective from the date of publication in the Gazette.

In this case, no order was issued to the officials concerned thus the Act was not being enforced even after two months of the notification.

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