Browsing centres in Tirupattur incur losses

Staff Reporter

They are hit by frequent disruption in broadband connectivity

No proper response from BSNL irks browsing centre owners

“Entry of private players will resolve the problem”

TIRUPATTUR: Most of the browsing centres and other commercial establishments at Tirupattur are incurring losses owing to frequent disruption of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited broadband connection. It is said that the BSNL, which is the only broadband service provider in Tirupattur, does not give a proper response on complaints lodged by the browsing centre owners.

A broadband connection was recently disrupted for more than 29 hours owing to some technical problems. When some of the browsing centre-owners here tried to contact the BSNL office they did not get a proper reply. The only reply they got was that “The BSNL staff at Ambur are on strike. There is a minor problem in the main connection point but currently we do not have staff to rectify the problem.” There are over 15 browsing centres functioning in Tirupattur.

Students from a nearby engineering college were frustrated following the disruption in broadband connection in one of the most popular browsing centres as they were not able to browse the net to complete their project work. The problem continued for more than two days. BSNL staff said that they wanted to immediately rectify the problem but were not in a position to do so owing to the advanced strike notice issued by the staff.

Most of the browsing centres at Tirupattur incurred a loss of over Rs.3000 due to disruption in the broadband connection. Owners of some of the browsing centres told The Hindu that on an average they paid Rs.6,000 a month to the BSNL for the overall broadband and telephone connection. “The BSNL office must be more responsive. The problem will be resolved if the private service providers come to Tirupattur. At least the private service providers will respond,” they pointed out. Moreover, the owners of the browsing centres at Tirupattur had to complain to the BSNL office at Ambur if there was a failure in the broadband connection.

Adding to their woes the customer care office failed to give a proper direction about whom the browsing centre owners have to approach to get the problem solved.

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