Boom time for eateries

Rain or shine they deliver food at your doorstep.

Rain or shine they deliver food at your doorstep.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M. Karunakaran

Liffy Thomas

CHENNAI: Whether it is your favourite pizza from the multi-chain outlet or snacks such as samosas or bhajis from the kitchens of small eateries, monsoon is the time when most outlets reap maximum benefits.

It was another challenging day for R.Vinodh, working with a cake outlet in T. Nagar, who has already been to three different localities to deliver the placed orders. However, his two-wheeler and the raincoat could not withstand Saturday’s rain. “I had to deliver to G.N. Chetty, North Boag Road and Bazullah Road at three different hours. My bike got switched off frequently, but still I had to wade my way to deliver the birthday cakes intact. It generally takes me five minutes to reach Bazullah Road, today it took me 30 minutes,” he says.

Vinodh, however, was not lucky to get a tip for his tough job in rain-soaked Chennai. His counterpart P. Vasanth, delivering biryani packets, though, has made around Rs.200 as tips.

It is celebration time for the customer who has got his/her eatables intact, pocket money for the delivery man and business for the store. Monsoon is when most people want to bite into something hot or crispy and retail outlets that go that extra edge to offer free home delivery usually continue the service even when it is raining.

“There’s an increase of 25 to 30 per cent in delivery service during rains ,” says Joseph Cherian, CEO, Global Franchise Architects, which created Pizza Corner.

Chennai Rawther Thalapakattu Biryani sells around 2,000 biryani packets during normal days across the 14 outlets in the city.

But during rains the count goes up by another 1,000. It is a different challenge for pizza joints that have to stick to the timeframe of 30 minutes or more that they promise. “Rain or no rain, we only accept orders which are two to three km around the outlet, but sometimes some areas in Choolaimedu are so flooded that we have to politely turn down the order stating that we are facing an operational problem,” says R. Hariharasuthan, branch manager (Nungambakkam) Domino’s Pizza. Pizza Corner, on the other hand, says it generally removes the 39-minute clause when its people have to wade through knee-deep waters or on their two-wheelers.

However, the decision is taken locally depending on the intensity of the downpour and the locality. Most outlets say that as dine-in customers are less the regular staff manage the delivery service. Also, there are many others involved in the door delivery of homemade food for whom, rain or shine, it is just another day.

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