Boat ride in rain

N. Anand

CHENNAI: “If it is called Rain Drop Boat House then we would like to go for a boat ride [in the rain],” insisted a doctor couple from Thiruvanmiyur on Saturday.

Since he knew them – the couple are regular visitors to Mudaliarkuppam - the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) Boat House Manager C. Krishnamurthy allowed them to use the facility, despite the fact that the boat jetty had been submerged due to intermittent rains for the last few days. “The boat jetty which was four feet above water is now 18 feet below the water. The boats have been moved to the shore and some of them are tied to the 22 feet retaining wall. If rain continues for one more day, the boat house office might also get submerged,” Mr. Krishnamurthy told The Hindu.

“People like to go on a boat ride on rainy days. We also had 70-member team from Bangalore on Saturday that insisted on spending some time on the nearby island. Though we asked them to postpone their trip due to the rain, they did not. On Sunday too we received some guests. We did not disappoint them, as we have reserved two banana boats, row boats and motor boats for this purpose.

We have been asking everyone to wear lifejackets compulsorily,” he said. TTDC Muttukadu Boat House has a floating jetty. However, the number of customers there was less due to the rain, an official said.

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