Bird-friendly spaces in Corporation parks

Staff Reporter

Chennai: The Chennai Corporation will create bird-friendly spaces within 10 public parks by growing fruit trees and providing artificial nests.

The idea came from an initiative taken in Bangalore recently by N. L. Narendra Babu, a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. A few parks were selected in the Rajaji Nagar constituency of Bangalore to raise bird-attracting trees, develop nesting sites and provide protection to both flora and fauna. The Corporation is also looking at a similar programme to improve the biodiversity in parks. Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni said a few artificial nests would be provided in the parks to encourage birds to nest. The nests would only provide a basic frame for birds to begin building a home. The project would be taken up in association with the Forest Department.

Nizhal, a voluntary organisation to promote tree protection in urban areas, has been urging the Corporation to raise bird- and butterfly-attracting shrubs and trees rather than ornamental ones.

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