BSNL slashes rental

Special Correspondent

CUDDALORE: The Cuddalore division of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, comprising the districts of Cuddalore and Villupuram, has slashed the monthly rental for telephones under particular categories.

In a statement released here, T.Rajendran, General Manager, BSNL, Cuddalore division, said that at present landline services were being provided under the monthly plans such as general, special, super and premium.

General category

Under the general category, the BSNL had introduced the annual and biennial schemes for the urban and rural subscribers, drastically cutting the monthly rental of the telephones.

Under Plan-1200 valid for a period of one year, the urban subscribers would have to pay Rs. 1,200 in advance towards the monthly rental of Rs. 100 (as against the present Rs. 180), and under Plan-2160 valid for two years, they would have to pay Rs. 2,160 in advance towards the monthly rental of Rs. 90.

Rural subscribers

For the rural subscribers Plan-600, valid for one year, had been introduced under which they would have to make an advance payment of Rs. 600 towards monthly rental of Rs. 50. However, those availing of these schemes would not get the “One India” service (STD charges at the rate of Re. 1 per minute), Mr. Rajendran said.

However, the benefit was also extended to those coming under the “One India” scheme as follows: the urban subscribers could opt for Plan-1800 under which monthly rental at the rate of Rs. 150 for a year would be collected in advance, and the rural subscribers could join Plan-1000 under which they had to make an advance payment of Rs. 1,000 towards rental for a year.

These services, in force from May 1, would be available for the prospective subscribers for the landline and wireless-in-local-loop services, besides the existing subscribers, Mr. Rajendran added.

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