Association allowed to implead itself in writ plea

Special Correspondent

Issue relates to Chennai City River Conservation Project

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court on Friday allowed the Association of Engineers, Metrowater, to implead itself in a writ petition concerning the Chennai City River Conservation Project (CCRCP) implemented to prevent sewer from reaching waterways.

The writ petition had been filed by Citizen Guardians, represented by its founder-chairman, V. Ravichandran, Ashok Nagar.

In the impleading petition, the association, represented by its general secretary, C.R.Rajarathinem, said engineers working in the CMWSSB were members of the association.

The project was executed at a cost of about Rs.1,200 crore. As per record, the project had been completed. However, its object could not be achieved owing to faulty construction at several places. Consequently, the project itself was a failure.

The association said that the gravity sewer main laid at Mylapore tank to Adyar New Pumping Station was not functioning. The sewer main laid on Santhome High Road had not been connected to Adyar Pumping Station. As per the project, the old Adyar pumping station and wells had to be closed and the new pumping station which was constructed should be put to use. However, the old pumping station alone was functioning and the new station was not functioning owing to serious technical problems which arose due to faulty implementation.

Under the project, gravity sewer main should be laid from Madhya Kailash to Perungudi treatment plant. However, the main had been laid only upto L.B.Road pumping station. The other gravity flow from Ashok Nagar pumping station to Nesapakkam treatment plant was also not functional.

The four treatment plants which were part of the project were not treating effluents as per the design standard.

An attempt was being made to show as if the project could be made through by effecting small repairs. This was being done as “an eye wash to cover up the entire lapse”.

Due to the project failure, sewage was being discharged into the waterways as before, the association said.