Amazing show, oodles of maturity

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: When two young boys danced along with a group of girls there was no giggling or smirking in this large gathering of students who were brought together by the Nalamdana Trust for an interactive afternoon recently.

For, the children were an awakened lot and are aware of their rights as individuals and respect each other. The programme, held on Friday, was the culmination of a year’s activities in which the children learnt a lot of things through art, song, dance and live presentation. The children presented dance programmes, dramas, role model presentations, songs and poster presentations and shared with others what they had learnt.

According to Nithya Balaji of Nalamdana, during this time the students also made two videos on the differences that they saw in the treatment meted out to girls and boys in their area and another one on why girls drop out of school.

Siblings D.Fathima and D. Parveen, who were in the team that shot the videos, said they worked for about 6 months learning how to operate a camera and spoke to people in their area about the issue. Students belonging to Olcott Memorial School, Corporation School Adyar, Besant Theosophical School and Corporation School Thiruvanmiyur participated in the Each One Teach One programme.

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