Amazing facts are amusing too

Rapt attention:Newspaper in Education session under way at   | Photo Credit: — Photo: S. James

D. Karthikeyan

MADURAI: On a late afternoon in the school, it's pretty usual that most students would feel dull what with routine activities. However this was not the case with students of class VIII of St.Mary's Higher Secondary School recently, courtesy, Newspaper in Education session.

The classroom space was abuzz with activity as it was NIE time and the excitement of students got doubled because of the ‘amazing facts' module. When resource person Nargis Faroukh explained amazing facts about the world, most students were awestruck. She explained the minutiae of most of the facts to send the message home.

She talked about dragonfly (thattampoochi), the insect with the sharpest eyesight, the only bird which can fly backwards (humming bird), planet that rotates counter-clockwise (Venus) and largest employer in the world (Indian Railways)

After explaining many more facts, Ms. Nargis asked the students to form groups and asked the group members to throw questions against each other. A quartet from the back bench asked the other group about the highest waterfall in the world, the other group came with an answer that it is Niagara, they said no it's Angel Falls. After a few questions, the resource person again started asking questions and explained facts, she explained about Rafflesia, the biggest flower, and Blue whale with the biggest heart.

The session got more interesting with so many astonishing facts and interesting responses from the students. At the end of the session, she asked the students to explore many facts through various resources such as books, newspapers, magazines and Internet and pass on the information to others. “Try to find out amazing facts from the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, geographical locations, space, underwater, sports and history,” she said.