Airport Customs posts 32% growth in revenue

P. Oppili

After the cut in duty, imports has gone up considerably After the cut in duty last year, imports have gone up considerably

CHENNAI: The Chennai Airport Customs has achieved a 32 per cent growth in revenue during the current financial year, according to C. Rajan, Commissioner of Customs (Airport).

He told The Hindu that the target was Rs. 2,250 crore, and the department had already realised Rs. 2,044 crore. During the corresponding period last year, the revenue stood at Rs. 1,547 crore.

Ever since the Centre slashed import duty last year, the volume of imports had gone up considerably, he said. The authorities are hopeful of achieving Rs. 2,350 crore by March 31.

Machine tools, electric machinery, optical photographic items, organic chemicals, gold, inorganic chemicals, articles of iron and steel, motor vehicles, clocks and watches, rubber, clocks and watches, ball or roller bearings, pharmaceutical materials, ceramic products, photographic and cinematographic goods topped the list of revenue earners.

Last year, the Customs introduced the Risk Management System for the benefit of importers.

Online filing of bills

Under it, while some of the imported items were assessed, some were examined by authorities. Soon after this process, the importer could pay the customs duty and take delivery of the items.

In the earlier system, the importer had to submit the bill, get it assessed by an apprising officer or a Deputy Commissioner followed by an examination by the authorities and only then he could take delivery of the goods. Under the old procedure, assessment and examination were time-consuming, Mr. Rajan said.

Under the new system, more than 70 per cent of the bills were passed without assessment and examination. The importers could also file the bills online.

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