Advanced English, an optional subject

For the benefit of Plus II students an optional subject, English literature-cum-English Grammar should be introduced.

The study of English (Advanced English) is essential for the students outgoing from school.

The subject Advanced English will help many students to enhance their communication skill which is essential for the candidates attending campus interview.

As per the media, organisers of such campus interview bemoan the lack of expression among the students.

So the students may be permitted to choose an optional subject, Advanced English (in addition to Part II English) to acquire competency and ability in spoken English.

It may be remembered that the by-gone PUC syllabus included Advanced English as an optional subject, and it might have helped the students acquire flair in spoken English.

M. S. Sankaran, Palani.

Comprehensive strategy

The Director of Public Health at a meeting in Ramanathapuram on January 13 has told the reporters that nearly 13,000 persons were affected with viral fever in Ramanathapuram district and some of them developed multiple diseases like Chickungunya, Dengue.

He has further stated that this situation has been

giving a tough time to the doctors to continue the standard practice of treatment for such


It is unfortunate that even the medical department is not able to deal with the prevailing situation.

The spread of vector-borne diseases in the most backward area of Ramanathapuram town has assumed serious proportion after the North East Monsoon started.

The spread of Jaundice, a water-borne disease is adding fuel to the fire.

Due to this dangerous situation all Government hospitals and private hospitals around Ramanathapuram town are overflowing with hundreds of patients suffering from Chickungunya and other types of viral feverduring the current season.

The Director of Public Health should chalk out a comprehensive strategy to completely contain these multiple diseases.

G. Nagasamy,


Exhaust stock of service stamps

In Ramanathapuram postal division, heavy stock of service stamps is available. Since the Government have stopped printing these stamps, permission is

given to Government

offices to buy and make

use of regular postage stamps for dispatch of communications.

All Government offices in Ramanathapuram district purchase postage stamps for dispatch purposes without realizing the heavy stock on-hand of already printed service stamps.

I appeal to the district administration to take note of this availability and

issue a circular to all Government offices in the district to buy and make

use of service stamps and make use of regular postage stamps only after

exhausting the service stamps in stock to the

tune of several thousands of rupees.

Asmabagh Anvardeen,


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