Adopt a pup, help tackle stray dog menace

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‘Indian dogs are reliable, easy to maintain and not prone to diseases’

COIMBATORE: The volunteers of the Humane Animal Society (HAS), a network of individuals who work for the welfare of animals in the city, are going about trying to motivate people to adopt abandoned, stray pups.

“If each one of us were to adopt one stray or homeless animal, the number of those without shelter would become negligible,” says Mini Vasudevan, Managing Trustee of HAS. Adoption is also one of the best ways to tackle the stray dog menace, she observes. It would go a long way in the rehabilitation of stray dogs and prevention of unwanted breeding and incidence of rabies.

Making the choice

HAS volunteers trained in dog behaviour will guide prospective adopters into making the correct choice, and advise them on dog care, diet, behaviour, vaccinations and grooming. Prospective adopters will be interviewed by HAS counsellors in order to ensure that the dog goes to a loving and responsible home. The adopters will be given vaccination certificates and leaflets on dog care. HAS will also offer assistance to them in dog care.

If the adopted dogs are neutered and cared for well, the number of stray dogs roaming the streets will go down.

“Though people do show interest in adoption, they insist on pure breeds. The idea we are trying to promote is the adoption of mixed breeds or the Indian variety and to provide a shelter for abandoned street pups,” Ms. Vasudevan says. Indian dogs are reliable, easy to maintain and not prone to diseases, she adds.

Those who are interested can call 9791532266.

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