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LUXURY? A kitchen accessories outlet in Coimbatore. –

LUXURY? A kitchen accessories outlet in Coimbatore. –   | Photo Credit: Photo: M. Periasamy

Anasuya Menon

Price of electrical wires, which have a PVC coating, have gone up

Doing up a newly constructed home in these troubled times is going to be a hard task.

Labour charges have gone up by 40 per cent compared with last year.

For instance, if setting up a kitchen cost somewhere around Rs. 2 lakh last year, it could cost about Rs. 2.5 lakh now, says Gopinath Arunachalam, Architect and Director of PaGo Group.

The company deals with imported kitchen and bathroom products, furniture and furnishings.

With the value of Euro having climbed up by 25 per cent, the price of products have increased, he adds.

On an average, the cost of setting up a bathroom has gone up by 20 per cent, Mr. Gopinath says.

Though not many people are compromising on their requirements, at least some of them are falling for duplicate products.

The steady rise in prices has paved the way for a flourishing market for lookalike products, Mr. Gopinath says. Also, people have cut down on spending on exteriors, he adds.

Electrical works too are going to cost more. The increase in fuel prices has led to a hike in PVC (prices have gone up by 20 per cent) and the electrical wires, which have a PVC coating, have gone up.

“The electricians charge Rs. 275 to Rs. 300 a day now. Earlier, it used to be Rs. 175,” says P.P. Subramanian, Electrical Consultant, P.P. Associates, Coimbatore.

“Finding qualified electricians is another hassle,” he says. The panel boards too cost about 30 per cent to 35 per cent more.

Though people cannot reduce the usage of electrical appliances, wise planning can help them reduce power consumption and improve life of the equipment, he adds. Using the right voltage, power and cabling will help a great deal in reducing consumption and improving life.

Also, cutting down excesses will also help in bringing down costs.

“There is no compromise on quality of the material used and the safety aspects,” he says.

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