A weave of fantasy, social message and action

Director Simbhu Devan. - File Photo

Director Simbhu Devan. - File Photo  

At a time when commercial movies with urban storylines raked the moolah, he created waves among fantasy lovers, as the film industry watched him with awe, by directing a fantasy-comedy movie ‘Imsai Arasan 23-am Pulikesi.’ Soon came ‘Arai En 305-il Kadavul,’ a surrealistic movie with liberal doses of humour, that despite its lukewarm response was acclaimed for its off-beat plot. Now into his third movie ‘Irumbukottai Murattu Singam,’ Simbhu Devan crafts a storyline in his characteristic distinctiveness. He speaks to S. Aishwarya on his impending movie and love for fantasies.

Cartoons, for Simbhu Devan, mean much more than a quick chuckle. His love for cartoons began at school, which then became his profession, and now, his passion. Not surprisingly, his third movie is shaping with a promise of rib-tickling humour.

“Comedy peps up the mood of audience. It should not be slotted in unnecessarily but a plot that calls for good amount of humour has a better possibility of attracting people,” he says.

Like his first movie, Simbhu Devan’s plot for his upcoming venture weaves in fantasy, social message and action. The earlier cowboy movie in Tamil was 36 years ago – Jai Shankar-starring ‘Ganga.’ However, this movie stands unique for being set in the 18th century period with a complete cowboy setup. “The whole movie is very stylish. From hats to boots, every character in the movie sports a cowboy outfit. Hollywood has done a lot of cowboy films but somehow, it did not strike the attention of filmmakers here.”

While the style and backdrop bring in a cowboy effect, dialogues are not penned in chaste Tamil. The comic-adventure storyline demanded an actor with style and humour sense and Raghavendra Lawrence was the chosen one. “He can carry off the costumes with ease and cracks wits without effort. The three heroines (Padmapriya, Sandhya and Lakshmi Rai) are crucial for the movie. No character in this movie is unnecessary.”

Simbhu Devan is all praise for his ace technicians Azhagappan, who handles camera, and art director Muthuraj: “they are breathing life into this movie with their works. It is a great thing to work with such veterans of the industry.”

‘Imsai Arasan…,’ which stamped him with a tag of successful director, came as his cartoon strips in the weekly he worked in. “Producer Shankar was very supportive. The story that I narrated was entirely different but he liked it. I am glad I am being allowed to work on what I love.”

AGS Entertainment, which produces the movie, gives him the scope to work the way the story demands, he says. Music director G.V. Prakash has composed three songs with a fusion of jazz.

Having worked as an assistant to Cheran, he attributed his style of capturing human emotions to his guru. “Cheran’s way of portraying emotions is stirring. As a director, I keep learning from every one I work with.”

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